April 3, 2006

The Sadomasochistic Dungeon

UPDATE: 4/3/06

Citizens-Times published an article today showing a screen shot of Richard "Master Rick" Sciara's page on collarme.com. (See below) Some additional details were released today about the case, including how investigators believe at least six men traveled from across the nation and abroad to learn 'slave training' and have thgentilestals mutilated. They also said the three men (Richard Sciara, Danny Reeves and Michael Mendez) were sexual lovers who had a master-slave relationship.

The men were arrested late last week and received court appointed attorneys during a hearing today. The men were dressed in orange prison jumpsuits and wearing leg irons, but appeared calm and at ease, according to the article. Their next court appearance will be on April 12th. Police believe the surgical operations took place from June 2004 - November 2005 and the victims willingly participated.

Also, The Citizen-Times reported that Sciara may have learned his surgical skills while working as a physician's assistant in Kansas, although he has never held a medical license in that state, according to its health board. A 1996 city directory for Topeka lists him as a physician's assistant at the Colmery-O'Neil VA Medical Center, The Capital-Journal of Topeka, Kansas reported today.


Three men were arrested in Waynesville, NC for performing illegal castrations in their home. The so-called "victims" were actually willing participants in these procedures and they came from all over the country and world to have these surgeries.

The men who were arrested are Michael Mendez, 60 (Left), Richard Peter Sciara, 61 (Top Right) , and Danny Carroll Reeves, 49 (Bottom Right) . All three men resided at the 541 Peace Mountain home in Waynesville.

According to a
statement released by the Haywood County authorities:

The men had a website that featured still photographs and video footage of men engaging in sadomasochistic behaviors in a "dungeon." The authorities investigated and found that all the men involved were over 18 and were willing participants in activities that were not against the law.

On March 23rd, police were informed by an anonymous source that illegal castrations were being performed at the house located at 541 Peace Mountain Rd. An investigation ensued and they police were able to obtain a search warrant, which they executed on March 29th.

Some of the items they took into evidence were scalpels, IV's, sutures, bandages, and local anesthesia. They also found CD's, DVD's, video taping equipment and artificial replacement testicles, known as "neuticles."

According to the
statement, the suspects have admitted to performing at least 8 surgeries on 6 clients. They maintain that each one was done with the person's consent. None of the men are licensed physicians but they have admitted to performing castrations, testicle replacement, urethra rerouting and penis removals.

The men have been charged with 5 counts of felonious castration and/or maiming without malice, five counts of felonious conspiracy to commit castration and/or maiming without malice and eight counts of performing medical procedures without a license.

The Citizens-Times published an article reporting that Mendez and Sciara moved to Western North Carolina from Topeka, Kan. Reeves moved to the area from Atlanta. Mendez and Reeves worked together at Harrah's Cherokee Casino on the Cherokee Indian Reservation, where Mendez was honored early this year for his work. Mendez received $1,000 and a commemorative crystal award for being named one of the 2005 "Shining Stars of the Year," according to a news release sent to area media outlets in February. Mendez worked at the casino as a Total Rewards representative, providing incentives for guests.

Documents related to case from The Citizens-Times:
- Items seized from 541 Peace Mountain Rd
- Investigation descrition of the case
- Police Report: Michael Mendez
- Police Report: Richard Sciara
- Police Report: Danny Reeves

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