October 28, 2005


Welcome to my space on the web! My name is Maura. I am very interested in crime stories and discussing these cases on the net. My favorite blog to visit is The Dark Side by Steve Huff!
I could sit here and name several other blogs I frequent but I will save that for another day! Some of the recent cases I have kept up with is the Natalee Holloway case, Taylor Behl murder and the Groene kidnapping & murders. Of course, I always check out Court TV's Crime Library to read all about recent cases as well as the oldies.


Steve Huff said...

THANK YOU. I'm honored. I've added you to the blogroll!

tear said...

please read


Nealus said...

Congrats !!! on your Blog Maura.

Looking forward to seeing more of you.

Steve Huff is a swell guy. He has a heart of gold - and writes platinum.

See ya around. I put a link up to ya.