November 18, 2005

David Ludwig & Kara Beth Borden



Law enforcement is still not calling Kara Beth Borden a suspect & I have to admit I may have been wrong... I remember "puppy love" when I was that age and I can't say I would kill my parents for a guy (or with a guy) but I do remember thinking my boyfriend was the most important thing in the world! I imagine the fear in this situation would overpower any rational thinking on Kara's part. I know we will hear more about this case in the coming months. CourtTV has an article posted today about David Ludwig's past, which includes an 18 minute video of he and a friend discussing a late night, armed invasion into peoples homes.

As stated in the CourtTV article, "Ludwig and Samuel P. Lohr, 19, are shown in the video taking guns from Ludwig's house to a home and discussing using them to "shoot and kill family members inside of the residence," according to a search warrant issued Thursday to Warwick Township police. Police said another teen in the 18-minute video told them that the aborted break-in was among several such "late night armed 'plans of forcible entry"' that he and David Ludwig conducted."

Another article I found at Lancaster Online talks more about David Ludwig and his friend:

"David Ludwig and his friend called it “night patrol.” Dressed in dark clothing, the two filmed themselves as they readied to break into a local home with assault rifles and other guns, according to a new court document. In low voices, the two discussed shooting and killing a family inside the home during the chilling 18-minute film. Passing traffic foiled their plan, the court document said.

During the film, they discussed “having sex with Kara and Katelyn Borden, that the sex would constitute statutory rape and the potential to have to shoot a guy named ‘Jonathan’ if he found out about it.” It is not clear from the court document when the film was made, or whether the pair ever did continue on to the Borden home the night the film was made.But the friend did tell police that he and Ludwig had taken guns and gone out on several occasions on “night patrol,” with “plans of forcible entry,” according to the court documents.

As the investigation has unfolded, friends of the young couple have said how Ludwig and Borden were having a sexual relationship and in recent weeks had become more and more withdrawn from others.Ludwig, friends said, told them how he had been sneaking into the Borden home at night to be with his young girlfriend. He also reportedly told a friend that he believed he could “kill someone and get away with it, disappear and nobody would find me.’’

Borden’s Web site revealed a friend’s warning that the relationship with the older teen is a “mistake,’’ and that Ludwig could go to jail. “We couldn’t of told anyone,’’ Kara Borden replied to her friend.


David Ludwig & Kara Beth Borden

Eighteen-year-old David Ludwig was captured in Indiana today with 14-year-old Kara Beth Borden. The two led police on a high speed chase before crashing into a tree. As reported by the Associated press, one trooper stated, "Kara Borden was emotional as she left the car, adding "she was just frantic, crying, screaming." Police are questioning Ludwig but the law prohibits them from questioning Kara without an adult present. We haven't heard yet if the girl was abducted or went along willingly with Ludwig.

I have to wonder if Kara exhibits the behavior of one who is being kidnapped. I don't think she does. The one bit of info that struck me was that Ludwig did not have a gun at the time of his arrest. If he were holding Kara hostage, wouldn't he need a weapon to keep hostage? I guess he could have thrown the gun when he saw the police but I am sure the police would have seen it!
I believe Kara Beth could have come out of the car screaming because she was just going 90-95 miles an hour with the police chasing her and then hit a tree! I would be screaming to!


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i dont think kara knew this kid like his friends knew him.