November 2, 2005

Oprah's Show Today

Today's oprah show really moved me to action! The show was about sexual slavery (child sex slaves) within the US and abroad. She has taken a stand for the children and has implemented a letter (or e-mail) writing campaign to our Senators and congressmen/woman. I really believe in writing campaigns and most of them I have been involved in have WORKED.

Please see Oprah's page with sample letters or an e-mail sample you can copy and paste and e-mail your Senators & Congressmen/woman. Find your states representatives here. I just finished e-mailing my own representatives and it makes me feel good. However, the power is in numbers, so please write today.

I was personally compelled to write an e-mail to President Bush as well- I figure it doesn't hurt, right? Please contact me or post any other letter writing campaigns you know of.

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Jessica Pounds said...

Thanks for the info on the Oprah show. I am sending my letters and e-mails today!