January 23, 2006

Murder in Matthews, NC

Murder in Matthews, NC
Father kills twin daughters
This blog seems to have turned to a NC crime blog with all the tragic crimes that have happened here in the past few months. Unfortunately, most of them involve children and it is becoming quite heartbreaking to hear about parents killing their children. What is going on? This tragedy took place in Matthews, NC, which is about 10 miles from where I live. Another recent murder involving a mother killing her two children is about 35 miles from here. She is charged with setting the family home on fire, killing her two children inside. See my blog entry about this tragedy here.

On January 20th, David Lauren Crespi, a 45 year old father of five children, murdered his five year old twin daughters. Tessara and Samantha Crespi, were stabbed to death in their beautiful 4,900 square foot home. Mr. Crespi called 911 just before 1pm and told the operator killed his daughters and wanted to kill himself.

According to friends and relatives, Crespi was a loving father who adored his two daughters and his other three children from a previous marriage. His first wife died of brain cancer in 1993. Crespi was a Senior Vice-President at Wachovia bank in the audit division. All those who knew Crespi are in complete shock over this tragedy and the question everyone is asking is why??

As reported by News 14 Carolina reported: Crespi appeared in an orange jumpsuit with shackles around his ankles and handcuffs on his wrists at the Mecklenburg County Courthouse. The only family member on hand was the suspect’s brother, John Crespi. He addressed the media after the hearing. “Obviously it’s a sad, horrible time for us all,” he said through tears. “I want to express my thanks to the people of Charlotte for your support and prayers – we feel them.”

Crespi spent one night in a mental hospital before he returned to jail. Reports have stated that he suffered from depression and insomnia and it looks like we may see an insanity defense coming along. I cannot say that I disagree at this point. I think any mother or father that kills their child is CRAZY but I still think they should be punished for their crime. More and more we are hearing about parents killing their children and it needs to stop!
More information reported on David Crespi can be found here.

The little girls will be laid to rest Tuesday. This case is absolutely heartwrenching and I feel terrible for the mother, siblings, relatives, friends, and all the others affected by this tragedy.


Jess said...

This is sad. It sounds like this was a freak thing with this guy. Kinda scary, isnt it?

MarkeyMark said...

I think this guy IS insane. He will have to live with what he did for the rest of his life and that is punishment enough.