February 14, 2006

Homicidal Husbands

In recent years, we hear more and more about men who murder their wives, girlfriends and children. Some cases have intrigued me and I would like to recap some of the more famous domestic murders in the news. Please click on the links if you are looking for more information.

Neil Entwistle killed his wife and daughter- 2006

On January 20, 2006, Neil Entwistle shot his wife Rachel and 9 mo old daughter Lilly to death. He then fled the United States for England, his native county. According to court documents, Neil took the gun from Rachel's father- shot his family and drove to his in-laws to return the gun. He later hopped a plane for Europe and did not even attend his wife and child's funeral. Neil and Rachel's DNA were found on the gun and Neil was arrested. He is currently awaiting extradition to the US. Please visit Steve Huff's Crime Blog to read more on this case. The Boston Globe published an interesting article on the Entwistle's here.

Shaun Rudy kills his 6 month pregnant wife- 2005

Shaun Rudy, 23 killed his wife Christine Rudy, 21 on November 12, 2005. He said he dropped his six-month pregnant wife on the side of the road in rural Wisconsin and hasn’t seen her since. Two days before Christine went missing, her husband dropped her off on the side of the road and she had to walk 8 miles to a church where she waited 5 hours for her husband to pick her up.
Police believe Christine was shot in the head and her husband dismembered her body and dropped her in the river. Rudy has yet to be charged in Christine’s murder. He is currently in jail serving time for drugs and weapons charges.

Quinton Ray murders his estranged wife Sueann Ray- 2005

Quinton Ray, 27 murdered his wife Sueann Ray, 26 on August 26, 2005 in Georgia. Ray said his wife left his home to pick up their daughter from his parents' home in a nearby town. Sueann went to his home to have him work on her minivan. Sueann’s car was found in a Walmart parking lot three days later.
Quinton and Sueann had separated seven months before her disappearance and were involved in a custody battle over their 6 year old daughter.
Quinton Ray, was charged with her murder earlier this month after her body was found off a dirt road, near a creek. Police believe other people may be involved and are following all leads. Autopsy results have not been released as to a cause of death. - Jasper, GA

Mark Hacking kills young wife Lori- 2004

Mark Hacking, 27 killed his wife Lori Hacking, 26 on July 19, 2004. He reported her missing as he was buying a new mattress to cover up his murder. Mark Hacking was living a lie. He said he was accepted into medical school in NC but in reality he didn’t even have a college degree. He and Lori, who was 5 weeks pregnant, were packing and getting ready to move to NC when Mark shot Lori in the head. He then proceeded to cover up the crime and reported she went out jogging and never came home.
The day after Lori’s murder, Mark was caught running around naked and sent to a mental facility. He confessed to his brothers about the crime and was subsequently arrested & charged. He was sentenced to 6 years to life in prison in 2005. - Salt Lake City, UT

Fred Neulander hires hit men to kill his wife - 1994

In November of 1994, Rabbi Fred J. Neulander paid $18,000 to have his wife Carol Neulander killed. It took years for the hit men to confess but finally Neulander was charged with his wife's murder. Neulander was having an affair with a local radio host and after two trials, Neulander was convicted of murder and sentenced to life in prison on Jan. 16, 2003. - Cherry Hill, NJ

Scott Peterson murdered his wife & unborn child- 2002

Laci Peterson was reported missing on Christmas Eve in 2002. Scott Peterson was later arrested and convicted of murdering his beautiful wife Laci and unborn son Conner. The Petersons were known as the "perfect couple" and showed no signs of domestic problems. It turns out, Scott was having an affair & telling people he "lost" his wife. Scott dumped Laci's body in San Francisco Bay and Laci and Connner washed ashore a few months later. Peterson was found guilty of murder in 2004 and sentenced to death in January of 2005. - Modesto, CA

John List Murdered his wife, 3 kids & mother- 1971

In 1971, John List lived with his family in a nineteen room, three-story Victorian mansion in Westfield, NJ. On December 7th, List systematically killed his wife, three children and his 85 year old mother. List planned the murders and informed neighbors and teachers of a family vacation to North Carolina. Nearly a month later, the slain family was discovered in the ballroom of the house. John List's car was found at Kennedy airport, his destination unknown.

List lived on the run for 18 years, changing his name to Robert P. Clark. He married again in 1985 and settled in Virginia with his wife. In 1989, America's Most Wanted aired a segment on the List murders and an old neighbor recognized List and called in. The trial on five counts of murder in the first degree lasted seven days. On April 12, 1990, List was found guilty on all counts. He was given life in prison, five consecutive terms. - Cherry Hill, NJ

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jacqsierae said...

Christine Rudy Lee,was my friend. She babysat for me for many years. She was a wonderful person! So full of life....she loved everyone! And,we all loved her.
I remember one morning, she awoke to go home. She was putting on her socks,and then she said"Oooopsie!, I put my socks on the wrong feet" I then replied,"how can you put your socks on wrong?" she told me" well after you wear them, the toe stretches around the area of your big toe, so you now have right and left socks!" lol....just a little something I never forgot.
I have a picture of her on my wall with the rest of our family. She is never, forgotten!