March 4, 2006

For Laci

The murder of Laci Rocha Peterson at the hands of her husband Scott Peterson, has always intrigued me. I could not (and still can’t) understand how and why Scott would kill Laci. I believe he is 100% guilty and even since the trial ended, I have thought often of Laci and her family.

I just finished reading the book “For Laci” written by Laci’s mother, Sharon Rocha. This book is amazing and I highly recommend it. Sharon Rocha did an awesome job of capturing Laci’s spirit and sharing what a wonderful person she was, although she admits she was not perfect. Sharon shared details of the investigation and trial from her standpoint and it was heartbreaking. I watched the news and trial but I never knew what was really going on behind the scenes. I felt horrible for the family and after learning of what they went through, I think of them as amazingly strong people. Sharon Rocha, Dennis Rocha, Ron Granski, Brent Rocha, Amy Rocha and the rest of her family and friends went through HELL. Not only did they loose someone they loved, they had to go through a trial with millions of people watching them. I also read Catherine Crier’s book, “A Deadly Game” and this book has even more details about the investigation and the evidence the police collected. If you are interested in the case, you should check that book out as well.

All the proceeds of Sharon Rocha’s book are going to a fund she set up to help pay for search and rescue organizations called THE LACI AND CONNER SEARCH AND RESCUE FUND. Please donate.

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