March 8, 2006

Imette St. Guillen Murder II

*Friends and Family of Imette St. Guillen have launched a website in her memory.

More reports have surfaced about what may have happened to Imette St. Guillen in the early morning hours of February 25th. Bar employees are changing their stories and they all seem to further point the finger at Littlejohn. I never understand why people lie or withhold information from police- especially in a murder investigation but it seems to happen a lot.

Few of the news reports and published articles agree about what witnesses know and how exactly Imette St. Guillen left The Falls. Here are some examples of what is being reported:

One version of how Imette left 'The Falls' as reported by CBS: "The bar manager later revealed that he had instructed Littlejohn to toss her out when she complained that she was not being allowed to finish a drink, a law enforcement official said. The witness said he overheard 'some sort of arguing and a commotion' as Littlejohn took the woman outside, the official said."

Another, somewhat similar version as published in The New York Times: "But early on the police were somewhat stymied in the investigation. They were told at first that Ms. St. Guillen, a student at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, had left with other customers, but then were told that she remained at the bar after the security gates had been lowered, that Mr. Littlejohn was asked to make sure she left, and that there was some commotion afterward in a hallway of the bar building at 218 Lafayette St."

The Boston Herald reports even more details on what may have happened: "Dan Dorrian, whose family owns The Falls bar, has told investigators that he pressed St. Guillen to finish her rum and Coke and leave in the hours before she was murdered. Bar managers had initially said the Mission Hill woman left on her own, law enforcement officials said. (Dorrian) tried to take her drink from her and she got argumentative and said she wanted it,one source told the Herald. Moments later, St. Guillen was escorted out by two bouncers whose efforts to remove her caused a commotion in the hallway of the empty bar, police officials said. One of the bouncers, Darryl Littlejohn, 41, is now a suspect in the horrific attack that killed St. Guillen, 24. "

Lastly, Newsday's report on what happened: "The Falls is owned by Michael Dorrian, who at first told detectives St. Guillen had two drinks, then left by herself, sources said, only to later admit he had told Littlejohn to escort St. Guillen out of the bar because she was drunk.Moments later, workers told detectives, an argument was heard in a hallway outside a door to the bar, but no one checked to see what had happened."

Even though I have a hard time believing all the news reports that are published, one thing is for sure one of the leads the police are strongly focusing on is Darryl Littlejohn, the 41 year old bouncer working at The Falls.

According to ABC, investigators are now focusing on a parked minivan found near the home of suspect Darryl Littlejohn.

" Police are trying to determine if it was the vehicle used to transport St. Guillen's body to a field near the Belt Parkway. Initially, police believed that St. Guillen left the bar by herself, but sources say St. Guillen was asked to leave at closing time, and witnesses say she was seen arguing with Littlejohn. Police have been trying to build a case against Littlejohn, who has not cooperated with investigators.

First they seized evidence from The Falls bar, recovering packing tape and cat hair. Similar items were found with the victim. Then Monday night, crime scene units spent hours searching Littlejohn's house, removing items and taking then to the 75th Precinct. At one point, detectives returned to photograph a blue van in the suspect's driveway. Police say it was evidence seized at that house that linked him to the gray van, which is now the focus of the investigation."

Littlejohn continues to be held on Rikers Island for a parole violation- but as of yet, there are no charges in the murder of Imette St. Guillen.

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yo creo que si littlejohn es culpable deben de darle la pena de muerte .por que nadie tiene derecho de matar a nadie.imette st guillen siempre te yo fuera la familia guillen no descansaria asta verlo refundido en prision. by iris