March 22, 2006

Littlejohn charged with murder

It's official! Darryl Littlejohn was indicted today for the brutal rape and murder of 25 year old Imette St. Guillen. Finally! I have to wonder why it took so long to charge him because DNA does not lie. If they matched his blood to the ties Imette was restrained with- isn't it an easy case to prosecute? Apparently not!

According to NY1, the grand jury heard evidence for more than a week before they indicted Darryl Littlejohn on first-degree murder charges for the death of graduate student Imette St. Guillen. Law enforcement sources say the grand jury voted on Wednesday to indict Littlejohn. Once the indictment is filed, he will be arraigned in Brooklyn Criminal Court.

Imette's mother and siblings were seen leaving their Boston home on Wednesday morning with their bags packed. Obviously they were headed for New York in anticipation of Littlejohn's arraignment. I cannot even imagine the sadness her family and friends must feel. It is bad enough to loose a child but to loose them at the hands of a malicious killer is a whole different ballgame.

As Imette's family drove, Littlejohn was busy giving an interview to CBS News from Rikers Island. He is still declaring his innocence. Littlejohn's lawyer believes his client is being scapegoated because police couldn't find the real killer. Puhleeeaze!

"They have the wrong person," Darryl Littlejohn told WCBS-TV's Scott Weinberger. "When they (police) first approached me at The Falls, I provided them with my real name, my real address, social security number, birth date, so on and so forth," Littlejohn told Weinberger from prison.

Of course, authorities have said they collected evidence showing Littlejohn's cell phone was used in the area where the body was discovered and the suspect's blood was found on the plastic ties used in the crime. I am sure they have even more evidence against him that even he does not know about yet.

Littlejohn is your classic career criminal scumbag. His first brush with the law was when he was 17 and he robbed someone with a shotgun. Since then, he has been convicted of various drug and gun charges using names like Darryl Banks, John Handsome and Jonathan Blaze. God only knows what else he has done but wasn't caught!

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