March 9, 2006

Only out of jail 11 days...

And now he is back in...

Good 'ole Jermaine Hoover- the guy who stole my car on January 20th (see entry here) is BACK IN JAIL. He was released on March 1st and now he committed another crime and is back in jail- where he belongs!!!!

How many times does this kid have to re-offend before he is put away for good or put away at all? He has another Hit & Run charge under his belt as of 3/11/06.

Mecklenburg County is not prosecuting these repeat offenders! This kid is a perfect example of how the justice system fails us citizens.

Here is a copy of an e-mail I sent to many of the local news stations. Kate Barker from News 14 Carolina contacted me but I didn't want to be shown on TV so she stopped calling. hmpfh!

You have reported several times about the vehicle theft problem in Charlotte. I would also like to call your attention to the lack of prosecution for the suspects the police arrest in these matters and how many are released back on our streets everyday.

I have experienced this personally and after talking to the investigator in the auto theft unit, it is obvious they are having problems charging and convicting these people. She told me she has dealt with some offenders 50 times and they have not been able to charge them for one reason or another. They are released back on the streets to offend again and again! I really hope you will report something on this matter to get the public’s attention and maybe we the public will fight to see some changes to get these people behind bars, where they belong.

I would like to share my personal situation to give an example of how bad this problem is. My vehicle was stolen on January 20, 2006 around 8 am. The suspect left a running vehicle in my apartment parking lot and stole my car. The car he dropped was stolen from person in Mint Hill around 11 pm the night before. The police had the vehicle towed away and come to find out, they never even fingerprinted the car to tie the two together, since it was two different police departments.

Four hours later, the suspect was apprehended after he sped past a police check point on Harris Blvd. He ended up crashing my vehicle into a tree at 70 miles an hour after eluding officers. He ran from the scene but he was found nearby and arrested. He had a fresh bump/cut on his forehead and they charged him with Larceny of a vehicle, Possession of a stolen vehicle, Reckless driving, Hit & Run- failure to stop- property damage, Possession of drug paraphernalia, Failure to heed blue light and siren and Speeding.

My car was totaled and since I was unable to afford full coverage on my vehicle, he basically stole $6,500 from me.

The man who stole my car is 18 year old Jermaine Hoover. According to online arrest records, Mr. Hoover he has been arrested 12 times in the past 11 months for various offenses including: 3 times for communicating threats, 1 time for marijuana possession, 1 time for possession w/intent to distribute, 2 times for hit & run w/ property damage, 7 times for resisting public officer, 2 times for assault on a public officer, 2 times for disorderly conduct, 2 times for second degree trespassing, and 1 time for assault and battery.

Clearly, this kid is on the fast track to becoming a career criminal. This was the first time he was arrested for car theft but his knowledge on how to steal a car only shows he has probably done it before.

I was subpoenaed to court on February 21st for his first appearance. I am the victim but I had to take to take time off work and after 2 hours of sitting in the courtroom, I learned Mr. Hoover was trying to plead insanity and had to have some tests done. The DA told me that Hoover planned on pleading guilty is he was found to be competent, which he was.

As of yesterday, March 1st, Jermaine Hoover is back on the streets. He served 37 days in jail and was released. He was only charged and convicted with some of the offenses he was arrested for. Since the police did not have a witness who saw him steal the car, they were unable to charge him with the felony charge, larceny of a vehicle.

Jermaine Hoover is only one of hundreds of repeat criminals that roam our streets everyday. I sometimes check the daily arrest records and look at the person’s prior arrests and they have so many other arrests but are let out of jail to offend again and again.

I understand these criminals have rights but what about the public’s right to live in a safe place? We rely on our justice system to protect us and it is not happening. Crime in Charlotte is rapidly increasing and something needs to be done.

I truly hope you share this information with the public. If you would like any additional information or details, please contact me by email or phone (704) XXX-XXXX.

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