May 18, 2006

Mike Nifong...

Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words. The photo to the right shows Durham's District Attorney, Mike Nifong LAUGHING when defense attorney Kirk Osborn requested a bond reduction for Reade Seligmann.

What is so funny to Mr. Nifong? These are serious charges and people's lives have been ruined. It shows me the kind of person Mr. Nifong is (if the press conferences he held hadn't already!)

WRAL has a ton of information on the Duke Rape Scandal.


PJ-Comix said...

Nifong is laughing because he gets such a big kick out of ruining people's lives based on NO EVIDENCE.

Betty Friedan said...

Lawyers are waiting in the shadows for lucrative civil suit

A man stands in the shadows of the Duke Lacrosse 'rape' case…watching and waiting. While the three wealthy, white male students remains in criminal court, he is not likely to step forward.

Even at this early stage, the stripper’s mother is "very much interested" in "getting Willie E. Gary is a litigator renowned for winning huge settlements.

The stripper’s parents met with Gary in April. The meeting was facilitated by civil rights activist Rev. Jesse Jackson.

Gary acts as a family adviser, and the parents are laying groundwork to make a civil bid. Public opinion can be a large bargaining chip in obtaining a lucrative settlement. Earlier, the parents spoke freely; now they’re being more media savvy.

Essence Magazine featured three articles by Kristal Brent Zook. Each is sympathetic to the accuser. (1st) "Family Defends Daughter's Painful Past", (2nd) "Nowhere to Turn," depicts the accuser as living in terror. (3rd) is basically an announcement of Willie Gary's appearance in the case; it concludes by stating that the parents "worry that their daughter may…need additional legal guidance."

Civil law deals in torts or harms inflicted by one person upon another; its purposes are compensation for actual or perceived damages.

A "guilty" verdict in criminal court can be used to establish liability in a civil one but if the verdict is "not guilty" or the charges are dropped, a civil case can proceed independently.

Kobe Bryant settled out-of-court settlement. Such settlements are not necessarily admissions of guilt. After months of media blitz, Bryant may have been embarrassed to settle, so civil suits could be lucrative even if the “accuser’s” claim is completely fabricated. The Duke students will face the same choice?

Civil suits can be lucrative, and they’re easier to win; standards of evidence and other legal protections enjoyed by a defendant are significantly lowered in civil court.

Clearly, her parents wish to explore a civil proceeding. Gary is conspicuously available.

Anonymous said...

I do NOT think these boys are guilty. They are being railroaded and we all know it.

This woman is after the money. If she is already thinking about a civil suit before the boys' second appearance in court- DUH!

Mike Nifong should fry.

Anonymous said...

Evidence in the records released by the DA:

When investigators questioned the stripper after DNA tests on the semen found inside her vagina and rectum didn’t match any of the Duke players, the stripper admitted to having had sex with at least three men around the time of the alleged rape. The stripper named her boyfriend and two men who drove her to Duke.

Anonymous said...

What happens to women who lie about being raped?

Anonymous said...