March 12, 2006

Darryl Littlejohn in hot water!

This ABC News article touches on the recent updates of the Imette St. Guillen murder investigation and the evidence against Littlejohn is sure piling up.

Some of the evidence we know about so far:

  • A conclusive blood DNA match to Littlejohn was found on the back of the plastic ties used to restrain Imette St. Guillen.
  • Forensic examiners have linked cat hairs found on the floral-patterned blanket used to wrap Imette’s body- to a cat belonging to Littlejohn.
  • Two witnesses placed Littlejohn with St. Guillen at or outside The Falls bar in Manhattan's SoHo neighborhood.
  • Cell phone records indicate Littlejohn was in the area, around the same time Imette’s body was dumped in Brooklyn.
  • Carpet fibers found on the old blanket matched red carpet samples taken from Littlejohn's Queens, New York home.

In addition, ABC is reporting the police have also matched DNA evidence linking Littlejohn to at least one other sexual assault.

From the article:
"In addition, Kelly said, other evidence now links Littlejohn to past sexual assaults — rapes and attempted rapes — that help establish a pattern of sexual violence. In those cases, women were bound and washed or swabbed clean by an assailant. St. Guillen's case bears several similarities.

ABC News has learned the evidence includes a DNA match to Littlejohn on the handcuffs used to bind a victim in an alleged attempted rape. Two victims of those assaults failed to identify Littlejohn as their assailant in police lineups held last week."

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