March 12, 2006

Imette St. Guillen Murder- Update

NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly held a press conference this afternoon (video link) to announce there have been developments in the investigation of Imette St. Guillen's murder. New York police say they will seek an indictment against Darryl Littlejohn for the murder of Boston-native Imette St. Guillen.

According to Fox News, Police say they found blood and DNA evidence on plastic ties allegedly used to restrain St. Guillen during her rape and murder last month. They say that evidence links the crime to Littlejohn. Authorities will present their evidence to a grand jury this week.

Eyewitness News reported Sunday afternoon that police have been questioning two homeless people who claimed they saw St. Guillen leave a Soho bar called "The Falls" on February 25th, the night she died. According to published reports, both witnesses say they saw one of the bar's employees, bouncer Darryl Littlejohn, drive St. Guillen away early that morning. The witnesses say they were in a nearby park, about 30 yards away from the bar. Police reportedly are taking their accounts seriously, but they did express concern the stories may have been tainted by media reports.

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