June 6, 2006

Captured: Jerry Inman

Jerry Inman was captured.
More details to come...

Police issued a warrant for the arrest of Jerry Buck Inman for the murder of Clemson student Tiffany Souers. Inman is a registered sex offender in Tennessee & Florida and he was convicted of a sex crime in NC. He is considered extremely dangerous.

Solicitor Bob Ariail says the case is a "forensic driven case." He said that investigators matched DNA evidence from the crime scene against samples in a national database.

Inman has several vehicles, but investigators believe he is currently driving a red 1990 s-10 Blazer with a stripe. He also owns a green 1997 Chevy Camaro with Tennessee tag SRD-739 and a Ford Econoline van with Tennessee tag THH-062.

Inman is a white male 35 years old, 5' 10" 159lbs. He has brown hair, and brown eyes. He also has numerous tattoos. On his back, a skull; on left chest, Tiger; on left hand, skull pentagram; on left leg, skull dagger; on neck, bat; on right arm, skull dragon cross; stomach, female gun.

His last known address is in Dandridge, TN. Investigators believe he may be in the Pigeon Forge area. If you see Jerry Buck Inman, do not approach him. Call 911 or the Pickens County Sheriff's tip line at 1-800-442-2746 and press #2.

According to an interview The Greenville News had with Jerry Inman's mother, he is bipolar and often suicidal. She claims she saw him this morning and had no idea police were looking for him. (which I find hard to believe)

Inman was released from jail in September after serving 17 years in a Florida prison. He has been living with his mother and her husband. According to Florida sex offender registry records, Inman was convicted in 1989 of sexual battery with a weapon, robbery with a deadly weapon, grand theft auto, kidnapping and aggravated assault with intent to kill. Inman was arrested in Tampa, Fla., five days before his 17th birthday and sentenced to 30 years, records show. He was also convicted in 1988 of second degree sexual offense in Buncombe County, NC.

Sources: The Greenville News, Fox 21

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