June 2, 2006

Who killed Tiffany Souers?

Police investigating the murder of Tiffany Souers, a Clemson University student released surveillance photos of a white male trying to use Tiffany Souers' bank card at an ATM a few hours after she was killed.

Greenville prosecutor Bob Ariail said the man had covered most of his face with bandanas and tried unsuccessfully to use the card six times at two ATM cash machines.

The suspect's face is covered by a bandana with a cross on it. Investigators admit the photo is of poor quality but say they spent the day trying to enhance it.

Police also said the suspect was last seen in a light colored 1982 to 1994 2-door Chevy or GMC SUV.

"Hopefully someone will recognize an individual who has that type of headdress or bandana- who drives a vehicle of this type, who is exhibiting the behavior profile," Ariail said. "The psychological profile suggests the man would begin to withdraw from friends and family and man change his habits," he said.

Ariail also released a profile of the possible suspect. Officials say the attack against Souers was a sexually motivated attack, and the possible suspect is considered very dangerous. They say he may pose a threat to friends, family and other potential victims.

He is aggressive with women, and may have been agressive with women in the Clemson area in the week leading up to the murder. They believe the murder is weighing heavily on him and he may have changed his eating and sleeping habits, and he may be missing work or school.

There have been other developments in the case as well. A Pendelton man, James Lindsey, found Tiffany Souers' license this morning. He was picking up cans on the northbound side of Highway 76 just north of the Tri-County Tech campus, which is between Anderson and Clemson. Authorities now have the license and they'll check it for fingerprints.

Officials have set up a dedicated tip line to handle calls about this case. If you have any information about this case you're asked to call 1-800-442-2746. You may remain anonymous.

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